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Associação de Paralisia Cerebral de Coimbra - APCC (Portugal)

Adress: Rua Garcia de Orta - Vale das Flores Coimbra, Portugal

Tel: +351239792120, Website:

Legal representative: Antonino Silvestre (+351 239792120,

Contact person: Mário Verissimo (+351 239792120,

The  Associação de Paralisia Cerebral de Coimbra - APCC was established in 1975 as a private institution of social solidarity and a non profit making organisation for people with special needs to promote the social inclusion of people at a disadvantage, with a focus on people with disabilities and to support the inclusion of people with disabilities, particularly Cerebral Palsy.  Our aim is to create and develop rehabilitation services, and to promote the integration and development of people with disabilities. Through the rehabilitation centre we support people with severe disabilities and complex needs.

Our organisation have a qualified and recognised work in the areas of Medical Rehabilitation and functional education, Education, Vocational training, multidisciplinary team for Socio-Professional Integration, Music, Hipotherapy, Hydrotherapy, Sports, Outdoor Adventure Education (Adventure Farm” Services) , Residential units and Occupational Centres.

APCC is acreditated in the management of services in the areas of Rehabilitation, Vocational Training and Employment, Youth, Volunteering and Adult Education.

APCC has also a Centre for Qualification – CQEP, with the aims to information, guidance and recognition and validation of competences in the ambit VET and Education.

APCC has also a Local Resources Centre, recognized by the Labour Ministery, assuring all the socio-professional integration process.

APCC  develops several programmes of mediation, covering  the family, community, teaching, sports and placement in the normal labour market.

We develop Rehabilitation, Habilitation and Integration Services, as also to promote the development and specialization of Human Resources in the Rehabilitation field.

APPC  deliver diverse  and complementary kind of services through diferent facilities:

APCC also have diferent Residential Units, a Support Unit Transport network, a Horse Riding Centre, specialized in Hipotherapy, a Toy Library / Resource Centre, Home support services, Sports and Recreation, Music Therapy ; Drama and Arts.

We work by multidisciplinary teams. Our aproach and methodology is regarding the quality of life in the whole life cycle perspective according to the perspective of World Health Organisation - WHOQOL.

At  APCC are working about 300 employees, with diferent qualifications and competences - from medical, teachers, psychologists, social workers, therapists, trainers, tutors, care assistants, etc.

Our geographical scope of intervention is all the centre region of Portugal and we are integrated in a National Federation.

APCC is certified by Quality Standard ISO 9001 and is certified with EQUASS – Excelence  and is making their stakeholder’s involvement – AA1000.