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Instituto Valenciano de Acción Social (Spain)

Adress: Avenida del Puerto,108, Valencia, Spain

Tel: +34961971460, Website:

Legal representative: Ángel Bonafé Osca (+34961971460,

Contact person: Jose Gil (+34961971464,

The “Instituto Valenciano de Acción Social” (IVAS) (Valencian Institute of Social Action) is a public entity, under the auspices of the Valencian Regional Ministry of Social Welfare, with presence in its three provinces (Valencia, Alicante y Castellón).

IVAS is a public entity created in 1999 with the objective to integrate disabled people. Since the publication of the Law 14/27 of 26th December 2008, chapter 12, IVAS has been declared by the Valencian Regional Ministry of Social Welfare as an entity with competences to develop and support any kind of social action or programme.

In IVAS, we all work together to achieve that people with social problems have the same opportunities as other people. We provide them with the necessary support for their full development.

It is formed mostly by disabled people who, with their example, show us how to do well in our jobs and lives in general; for more than 600 workers who provide knowledge and give support our beneficiaries; for volunteers, who spend part of their time and spirit to attend the needs of our beneficiaries during leisure time activities; for families that help us to improve our work and give support day after day; and for companies that help us to achieve the objectives of our projects.

IVAS budget, per year, is 21 million€ and is composed by 600 workers. IVAS facilities are 8 residences, 1 elderly day centre, 8 occupational centres, 3 day centres, 1 Special Employment Centre, 5 sheltered houses, 1 damage brain centre and 2 training centres (greenhouse and hostelry) and 1 Employment Agency.

IVAS is registered as “Employment Agency”, fully licensed to operate in labour intermediation activities with companies and people at risk of exclusion.

Since its creation, IVAS has developed the following programmes financed by European funds: 140 employment and training programmes at local, regional and european level.

A whole Employment Department formed by 4 workers developing programmes and actions related to Lisbon Strategy, the EU Disability Strategy 2010-2020 and the UN Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Functions related to Social Services: