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Pistes Solidaires

Adress: 1er rue Richelieu, 64000 Pau, France

Tel: +33 (0)9 81 09 69 83

Legal representative: Mathieu DECQ, (+33 (0)9 81 09 69 83, )

Contact person: Mathieu DECQ, (+33 (0)9 81 09 69 83, )

Pistes Solidaires is a European non-profit and non-governmental organization which has been working for 10 years in the field of education, through the promotion of educational mobility and socio-cultural development. Since 2013, Pistes-Solidaires is a Europe Direct Information Centre in Pau.

The main ambition of Pistes-Solidaires is connecting people from France, Europe and the world, in order to establish the development of fair, respectful and reciprocal exchanges.

Based in Pau (south-west of France) and Marseille, Pistes Solidaires is at the head of a European network of Education for sustainable development (ESD) - The Otesha Network composed with 8 member’s organisations in EU countries. We mainly manage our activities in three departments: 1) Educational Mobility [European Voluntary Service coordinating, hosting and sending; Grundtvig senior volunteering; Leonardo da Vinci coordinating; intercultural youth exchanges]; 2) European Cooperation [Grundtvig Multilateral project (EUGO, Seniorpass), TOI (Clarity), KA4 (Deep.Com), learning partnership]; 3) Socio-cultural development [local activities through our Europe Direct Information Centre]